Inspector Minahan Makes a Stand

A non-fiction book by Bridget O'Donnell

The story of a Victorian policeman who tried to stop the trafficking of English girls to powerful men in the 1880s

A totally true account of real events.

Some of these young women were traded into brothels in Paris and Brussels. Others were duped into working for customer tips in cafes-concerts like the infamous Folies-Bergere. Was Manet's iconic 1881-2 painting a comment on this English trade?

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‘A masterful jigsaw of lust, power, corruption and do-gooders driven to do down the arrogant with appetites…


Inspector Minahan: Unmasking Truths and Double Standards in Victorian London

Unveiling Truths and Double Standards

In a gripping exposé, O'Donnell vividly depicts a system of double standards that implicates much of the establishment. With sharp clarity, O'Donnell reveals the stark contrast between the rules imposed on the privileged few and the rest of society. Prepare to be enthralled as O'Donnell unmasks the hypocrisy and ...
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Unmasking Victorian London's Dark Secrets

Prepare to be transported to the shadowy streets of Victorian London as Bridget unveils a gripping narrative in her book, "Inspector Minahan Makes a Stand." Discover the extraordinary story of Inspector Jeremiah Minahan, an Irish police officer who fearlessly confronted the corruption and exploitation plaguing ...

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The Brits at the Folies-Bergère?

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A Bar at the Folies-Bergère (1881-2)

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